“Ōtzĭo Collezione 001.” is an introduction to the designer’s roots, inspirations, concepts, and creative direction. The collection draws inspiration from the ancient festival of “Sartiglia”. Sartiglia is a traditional event hosted in the Sardinian town of Oristano and is characterised by equestrian competitions, acrobatics and ancient rituals. It serves as a vibrant celebration of the town’s rich cultural heritage and historical significance that has been celebrated since 1547. During these three days Oristano undergoes a mesmerising transformation, transporting itself back in time and conjuring a feeling of magic. This enchanting experience creates a captivating and dreamlike atmosphere that remains a constant source of inspiration for the brand.

This event embodies the surrealism ethos blending the rationality of tradition with a vision that embraces the uncanny and strange beauty.





During this event, participants wear ceramic masks, symbolising anonymity and transformation, adding a layer of intrigue and mystique to the event. Su Componidori, the Lord of the event, is unveiled during a dressing ceremony and represents both genders, descending to Earth to bestow fortune and ward off evil. On the final day’s “Le Pariglie,” equestrian races feature daring acrobatic stunts, including races with two or three horses.









The first print, titled “the 3:00 am dream”, features classic Romanesque elements strategically arranged to create negative space resembling the androgynous masks worn by La Sartiglia’s knights.

This print was designed with the idea of how René Magritte would have portrayed these traditions from his surrealistic perspective.





The second print, “Midnight in Su Riu”, is presented on crisp white cotton poplin. It portrays a series of shooting stars, revisiting memories of childhood nights in Sardinia. The stars are painted with 8 points, symbolising the fortune and luck associated with Su Componidori’s race. The artwork is distorted to evoke a surreal sense of movement that captures the enchantment of catching a shooting star.













Collezione 001, the Trilogy of Luxurious Materials

Ōtzĭo’s debut collection’s signature lies in the exclusive use of three sumptuous materials: 100% silk, 100% cotton, and 100% cashmere. These materials are not just fabrics; they are the embodiment of luxury.

- Silk: Ōtzĭo sources its silk from the birthplace of this exquisite material – China. Millennia ago, China pioneered silk, and today it remains unrivalled in silk production. Every 100% silk Ōtzĭo piece is crafted in the city of Hangzhou, China.

- Cotton: Weaving the highest quality cotton, printing and manufacturing meticulous tailoring take place at the renowned Ghioldi mill/factory on Lake Como, Italy.

- Cashmere: Our cashmere comes from the enchanting landscapes of Nepal. Here, each garment is lovingly hand-knitted by the artisans of Khangri, a sustainability-based factory. Khangri’s values resonate with Ōtzĭo’s commitment to sustainability, as they use hand-knitting machinery that consumes 95% less electricity, utilise Swiss dyes that are free of harmful chemicals and provide fair wages to 90% female employees, fighting against gender discrimination in Nepal.



Collezione 001. showcases timeless and refined silhouettes that effortlessly blend comfort with sophistication. Whether it’s the impeccably tailored silk and cotton sets, the sumptuous reversible pieces, or the highest quality, irresistibly soft Mongolian cashmere knitwear, each item serves as a testament to our dedication to indulging the senses while unwinding in style.
The range includes perfect-fit sets featuring oversized long-sleeved and short-sleeved shirts paired with sumptuous shorts meticulously crafted from luxurious heavy silk twill and crisp cotton poplin. The collars are a unique feature, including our signature colour block inserts and illusion collars that become a stitch detail. Some pieces are reversible, providing a choice between artsy prints and solid colours. Our bias-cut silk gown and the softly quilted outerwear pieces offer a dual option with a printed side and a plain solid colour side, adding versatility to different occasions and individual style.




Our first season includes the highest quality of sustainable and luxuriously soft Mongolian cashmere knitwear, representing the epitome of comfort and luxury. Lastly, we’ve explored our expertise in textiles through the meticulous crafting of patchwork garments from silk scarves featuring diverse prints and sizes. These pieces harmoniously clash together, forming captivating garments that represent the essence of Ōtzĭo.
The overall colour scheme leans towards repetitive white accents on pockets and collars, even on boldly printed pieces, introducing a fresh and modern twist to traditional designs. The collection can be styled with our art-printed silk scarves. Whether it’s classic square ones or more elaborate three-meter-long fringed pieces, our scarves serve as the finishing touch to every outfit, adding sophistication and elevating the overall look while promoting the expression of individuality and personal style.






credits: Vintage photo Sartiglia on page 12 in Sartiglia Magazine 2023 - Published on Feb 10, 2023 - Speciale Sartiglia 2023 n° 1/2023 - Progetto editoriale Fondazione Oristano - https://issuu.com/fondazionesasartigliaonlus/docs/sartiglia_magazine_2023