Ōtzĭo is an emerging luxury brand, offering ready-to-wear clothing that embodies the profound historical and philosophical concept of “ōtĭum.”

According to Ancient Roman Philosopher Seneca “ōtĭum” is regarded as the gateway to contemplation beyond the surface, igniting deeper introspection, elevating higher consciousness, and nurturing creativity.

The name “Ōtzĭo” stands as a tribute to this concept of idleness—a time when individuals celebrated the simple pleasure of doing nothing.



Ōtĭum as an Art Form

Ōtzĭo’s collections embody intellectual, artistic, and approachable style, aiming to infuse art seamlessly into everyday life. Each piece combines luxury with durability, crafted ethically and committed to sustainability. Elegant and comfortable, our bold designs coexist with a subtle sophistication that transcends traditional leisurewear. This modern reinterpretation extends beyond home boundaries, embracing the art of wearability.

Whether lounging by the sea during a tranquil vacation or navigating the demands of everyday life within and beyond the comforts of home, Ōtzĭo invites you to embrace the transformative power of “ōtĭum.”

The Founder & Creative Director, Claudio Aritzu, is an experienced textile designer with a notable career in luxury fashion working with houses like Roksanda, Dries Van Noten, Acne Studios, to name a few. Claudio brings a wealth of experience and his unique artistic vision to Ōtzĭo, drawing continuous inspiration from the world of art.

Ōtzĭo is a statement of comfort that tells stories through its statement artsy prints and expresses individuality. Claudio’s mission is to build a space where fashion meets art in a harmonious blend, where each piece is a testament to a new era of Comfort, Luxury, Art and Style.



Ōtzĭo’s journey to sustainability

Ōtzĭo embraces sustainability as an important aspect of its identity. Transparency and traceability are woven into the fabric of every product, produced entirely in their respective countries of origin, reducing carbon emissions from extensive travel.

Ōtzĭo’s 100% mono-fiber approach ensures ease of recycling, contributing to a more sustainable fashion industry. As a startup, Ōtzĭo is wholeheartedly committed to these values, continually researching innovative solutions to support the fashion and textile industries.

A Luxurious Lifestyle with an Eye to the Future

Ōtzĭo invites you to experience a luxurious lifestyle that is also a promise for the future. We blend comfort and luxury seamlessly while championing sustainability. At Ōtzĭo, we believe it’s not just about fashion; it’s a statement, a lifestyle, and a commitment to a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow. Join us on this journey where comfort meets luxury, and fashion meets sustainability.